MAGIX VEGAS Pro 19 Download

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MAGIX VEGAS Pro 19 MAGIX VEGAS Pro 19 Download

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VEGAS Pro 19 is here to make your video production more efficient than ever. Explore multiple nested timelines, cutting-edge HDR editing tools, and a powerful yet easy-to-use color grading workflow. Combined with more than 30 new features, VEGAS Pro 18 offers comprehensive workflow enhancements that will enhance your video production.

Edition. Work smart and not hard.

Nothing edits faster than passionate creatives with VEGAS Pro at your fingertips. The timeline editing tool makes editing quick and easy. But more importantly, they bring out your creativity, because ideas flow freely when you’re not worried about clunky editing tools. No NLE lets you edit, think and create more efficiently than VEGAS Pro.

Nested timeline

Organize projects and speed up your workflow with nested timelines. Move easily between timelines in the main project or access your nested timelines as separate projects to work on them independently.

Smart division

With Smart Split, you can delete entire sections of video clips and leave edits almost undetected with complete flexibility to adjust the results if necessary to get the right result. No more bad jump pieces!

Burger menu package

This innovative menu system allows you to customize high-traffic areas of the user interface so you can quickly find the tools you need while keeping your workspace tidy.

Color gradient. Simple as a brush.

Reliable, professional-grade color grading tools let you do your best work, and the VEGAS Pro color grading workflow provides fast, powerful, and flexible options for whatever you need to do. It offers the perfect final look for your movies, even in HDR.

Unified color grading workflow

Take your grading and color correction to the next level with the new unified workflow in the Color Gradation panel. Import and export LUTs, customize colors with the color wheel, curves, and more. Strongly supports HDR color adjustment.

export LUT

Have you created the perfect color look? Do you want to use it in multiple clips, in other projects, or share it with other VEGAS users? Export your color grading settings as LUTs in .cube format for easy application to other files wherever LUTs can be imported.

HLG HDR support

Join the leaders in the next generation of HDR. Works with HLG or HDR10 files in the ACES color space. Preview in HDR in the VEGAS Preview window or on an external HDR monitor. Evaluate colors in HDR with an HDR-compatible video viewer. Stream in HDR, even YouTube.

Special effects. Illuminate your audience.

With full support for Open FX plug-ins, VEGAS Pro offers a variety of built-in effects and you can use third-party effects from the best plug-in manufacturers in the industry. With the ability to chain effects at four different levels that can include up to 32 plug-ins per chain, you have all the space you need to get as creative as you want.

mesh chain

Stretch and transform your videos in almost any way imaginable with the Mesh Warp effect. From something thatas simple as mapping a video to the side of a building onto another, to creating a distorted video effect, the possibilities are endless.

Optical flow slow motion

Using carefully engineered proprietary optical flow technology, VEGAS Pro creates video frames that your camera doesn’t capture to fill them in between actual frames and give you ultra-smooth slow motion.

Types of creative composition.

A full set of composition mode options makes VEGAS Pro a great composition tool. Add the outputs of two clips, subtract one from the other, or calculate the difference. To show creativity!

Audio editing. Advertise the color.

A good film needs good sound to emphasize and intensify its image and create a touching listening experience for the viewer. VEGAS Pro provides a complete audio environment with tools for professional audio editing. With full VST support, dozens of effects, and real-time rendering, no other NLE offers the feature set of a powerful digital audio workstation like the tools in VEGAS Pro.

Powerful multitrack audio environment

VEGAS Pro includes powerful audio recording and editing tools for the most demanding productions. Record audio in a multitrack environment with bus input, professional metering, punch-in recording, unlimited tracks, and more.

Extended audio effects

VEGAS Pro supports the standard VST interface. Apply effects to tracks, individual events to the track’s additional audio bus, and to the master bus. Choose from over 40 included effects and signal processing tools and automatic effects with real-time envelope control.

Audio sync for multicam

Take advantage of your audio waveform to automatically sync multiple video files to separate tracks, making editing multi-camera events fast and efficient.

Last delivery. Give up, don’t give up.

All your hard work is meaningless without the ability to get it delivered in your own format as quickly as possible. VEGAS Pro offers many delivery options and makes it easy to choose the most common formats and templates, or complete customization of your project rendering. You will always meet your delivery targets, regardless of your final production requirements.

GPU-accelerated rendering

With support for cards from industry-leading manufacturers including NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel, VEGAS leverages the GPU processing power of popular graphics cards to accelerate playback of popular AVC and HEVC formats up to twice as fast.

Support up to 8K

Modern production is pushing boundaries with ever-higher resolutions. VEGAS Pro supports up to 8K files from start to finish, so now you can send ultra-high-resolution files for super-large format projection or other high-resolution needs.

VEGAS Pro 17 Highlights:

NEW: nested timelines

NEW: Full HDR color support

NEW: slow motion to optical flow

NEW: motion tracking flat

NEW: GPU acceleration parsing for AVC/HEVC

World-class video stabilization

Required configuration:

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Processor: 6th Generation Intel Core i5 (or AMD equivalent) or better. Ghz and at least 4 cores. For 4k, 7th Gen Intel Core i7 (or AMD equivalent) or better. Ghz and minimum 8 cores

RAM: 8GB minimum RAM (16GB recommended;32GB recommended for 4K)

Hard disk space: GB of hard disk space to install programs; High-speed Solid State Drive (SSD) or RAID Array for 4K Media

Others: Microsoft .NET Framework (included on application disc)

Program language: English, German, Spanish, French



Car Racing Adventure Torrent Download

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Car Racing Adventure Car Racing Adventure Torrent Download

Download link

A fun car game for computers with Windows Car Racing Adventure is a simple adventure game for computers with Windows. The program simulates a series of fast-paced arcade games for desktops and laptops. Developed by Absologix Technology, CRA has a large selection of cars, which makes the game even more fun. Since the game does not have a secondary game mode, sticking to the essence of a real arcade download is a fun scattered game that has many customizable options. The cars in this game are designed based on popular brands. However, motion and graphics are affected by other leading racing games, such as Need for Speed, Big City Racer and Hot (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Drive through heavy traffic to overtake other drivers. Car Racing Adventure focuses on a great experience based on the concept of continuity. In other words, you have to compete around busy traffic on the street. In addition, you need to protect your car from damage that can be caused by other cars on the road or structures such as speed of fire, and you need good reflexes to win every race. If you hit something on the road, it affects the health of cars. Eventually, if your car hits too many blows, it can be completely damaged, and at that point you will be knocked out, you will find collectible collections of cars scattered randomly on the track. This can improve the condition of your car and help you move forward in the race. It is worth noting that the Windows game supports two input methods. You can use the computer keyboard to give commands or tilt the screen in tablet mode to control the design and interface. As for the graphics of the racing game, you will notice the perfect combination of retro and modern style. Although other vehicles and the track may seem angular, they are based on real conditions. As mentioned earlier, vehicles draw inspiration from the actualdesigns of cars with various controls and technical characteristics. CRA offers a wide range of car tires that you can choose according to the weather or the track. The game supports multiple customization options, which encourages you to play more rounds with different cars, tires, torque, engine options, or the game? Although the game is simple and straightforward, it is also interesting. The car goes on an open park road, which passes by a picturesque view. As in other popular car racing games, your goal is to finish the race in the shortest possible time. However, Car Racing Adventure adds an interesting feature to the game – you need to avoid hitting other vehicles. When you get into other objects, the health counter of your car weakens. As you run along the track, you can collect coins and collectibles to improve your health. There are also some catalytic converters to increase the speed. Because the gameplay is easy to play, you don’t have to be a hardcore player to enjoy the game. However, due to the rapid sequences, getting used to the controls can take some time, especially in the tablet version of the game. After playing Windows a few times, you’ll know exactly how to maneuver your car without hitting anything on the road. Does the game look complicated? although the adventure game is not as comprehensive as Need for Speed ​​or F1, it looks quite complex. The focus of the game is the sequel, the genre of driving a car through mobile traffic, when the car is protected from damage. With fast cars on every lap, the game looks very interactive, and as mentioned earlier, you can put together some things to improve the health of your car, but it’s not easy to do in fast sequences. You have to drive well and maneuver well to collect items such as coins and catalysts. In some rounds youyou can even collect speed acceleration, making your car a faster and more efficient animal. Is CRA a good choice? Car Racing Adventure is a free computer game developed by Absologix Technology. The design and visual effects mimic classic retro action on a portable or desktop screen. Although the game is simple, it is also fun and challenging. There is only one mode in this racing game that offers a short but exciting gameplay. You rely on a basic set of controls based on laps and traffic. It is necessary to go without collision with obstacles, road walls, trucks and other vehicles. Exposure can worsen the condition of your car and then cause doubt. Car Racing Adventure is a fast, exciting and fun game. Unfortunately, he can’t compete with names like Need for Speed, F1 and other super heavyweight titles. However, the game will entertain you for hours and comes with a variety of settings, vehicle categories and engine options. In general, the game will not disappoint you! Stay involved Compared to other names in this category, this racing game is simple, fun and does not consume much system resources, so it will not affect the speed or performance of your system. It is worth noting that the work looks a bit boxy, and some movements may look blurred at high speeds. The development team has created a retro experience with the visual. The controls are also simple and do not require powerful modifications or controls. Simply put, Car Racing Adventure is designed for regular gamers looking for fun on a Windows computer.

Car Racing Adventure


Windows 10 X64 Enterprise LTSB Office 2019 en-US DEC 2020 {Gen2} Torrent Descargar

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Windows 10 X64 Enterprise LTSB Office 2019 en-US DEC 2020 {Gen2} Windows 10 X64 Enterprise LTSB Office 2019 en-US DEC 2020 {Gen2} Torrent Descargar

Enlace de descarga

Windows 10 X64 Enterprise 2016 LTSB American DEC 2020

1607 Edition Build

Oficina ProPlus integrada

* Archivo:

* Tamaño: 4,27 GB

* Formato: unidad ISO

* FUENTE: dvd-9059483

* CRC32: 39b7af79

* MD5: 252999db39471faa1dd6db8f9ad8069b

* SHA-1: 1c82744270713ab30def717afa67fdb70e279b12

Integrado / preinstalado:

* Oficina 2019 Pro Plus VL 64bit

* Actualización de energía:

* KB4013419

* KB4039556

* Actualice los servicios de esta manera:

* KB4576750

* Actualización general:

* KB4593226

Sistema NET

Sistema NET:

* KB4486129

Actualización general de

NET y:

* KB4585207

* Actualización para eliminar Adobe Flash Player:

* KB4577586

Configurar instalación completa / publicación:

* Actualización de veteranos


* Windows 10 Business 2016 LTSB

* Oficina 2019 Pro Plus VL

* Operadores: red HWID KMS

* UEFI-rehacer

* (Utilice la herramienta USB Rufus integrada para crear UEFI)

* enfatizado como formato de recuperación ()

* Cree un USB de arranque (muy recomendado) con Rufus,

* (adjunto) grabar en DVD-R a baja velocidad.

* Windows_Addict, autor del documento de activación de Windows

* ¡Espero que disfrutes de esta edición!

* Hola,

* Generación2

Windows 10 X64 Enterprise LTSC 2019 ESD en-ENE 2021

1809 Edition Build

Oficina ProPlus integrada

* Archivo:

* Tamaño: 4,96 GB

* Formato: unidad ISO

* FUENTE: X21-96425

* CRC32: 1ddc905b

* MD5: cd62c8beb06d0a675491f4b07d6f5d9c

* SHA-1: 27c40fd48860bbd42b975d052b8eeb9135afe374

Integrado / preinstalado:

* Oficina 2019 ProPlus VL de 64 bits

* Servicios de actualización para:

* KB4587735

* Actualización general:

* KB4586793

Sistema NET

Sistema NET:

* KB4486153

Actualización general de

NET y:

* KB4580979

* Actualización de seguridad de Flash Player:

* KB4580325

Configurar instalación completa / publicación:

* Actualización de veteranos


* Windows 10 Business LTSC 2019

* Oficina 2019 Pro Plus

* Operadores: red HWID KMS

* UEFI-rehacer

* (Utilice la herramienta USB Rufus integrada para crear UEFI)

* Conjunto de herramientas de diagnóstico recuperación (solo)

* enfatizado como formato de recuperación ()

* Cree un USB de arranque (muy recomendado) con Rufus,

* (adjunto) grabar en DVD-DL a baja velocidad.

* Windows_Addict, autor del documento de activación de Windows

* ¡Espero que disfrutes de esta edición!

* Hola,

* Generación2

Windows 10 X64 Enterprise LTSB Office 2019 en-US DEC 2020 {Gen2}


Windows 7 Pro/Ult – 10 Editio pt-BR x64 2021 Descargar Torrent

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Windows 7 Pro/Ult - 10 Editio pt-BR x64 2021 Windows 7 Pro/Ult – 10 Editio pt-BR x64 2021 Descargar Torrent

Enlace de descarga

Windows 7 2021 COMPLETO


====== enlace =======

Senha para descompactao

Arquitectura: X64

Tamanho grande: 3 GB

Modismos: pt-BR (Nativo)

BIOS: UEFI / Legado

formato: ISO / ESD


==== CRÉDITOS ====


==== EDIES ====

Win7 Pro – décima edición

Edición Win7 Ult-10

=== INTEGRADO ====

* Lanzamiento de MS Dart

* NET Framework

* NET Framework

* DirectX

* Conductores

* Conductores

* Controladores NVME

* Controladores LAN WLAN

* Internet Explorer 11

* Se proporciona información importante

* Las actualizaciones cambian Windows Defender

==== TEMA ====

* Novos icones Wimdows 10

* Ventana de asunto 10

* Novo Wallpaper Wimdows 10

* Nova tela de Bloqueio


* Antivrus

Kaspersky Free Antivrus

Panda Free Antivrus

Antivrus libre de invasores

* Navegadores




Opera GX

Cromo de borde

* Cosas importantes

7 Cremallera


Restaura wallpaper make windows 10 na Bloqueio

Windows 7 Pro/Ult - 10 Editio pt-BR x64 2021


Windows 10 Gamer Edition Enterprise x64 21H1 June 2021 Team-LiL Download Torrent

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Windows 10 Gamer Edition Enterprise x64 21H1 June 2021 Team-LiL Windows 10 Gamer Edition Enterprise x64 21H1 June 2021 Team-LiL Download Torrent

Download link

Windows 10 Gamer Game Edition x64 21H1 En-Us June 2021 Team-LiL

Created by lil-fella (Team-LiL)

Digital License Activation for Windows 10


Clear CMD activation certificate and installation certificate.

if you see it is not activated

make sure you are online and not on a VPN

go to the system in Control Panel and click Windows to activate the windows

and wait for it to turn on. maybe even click on the solution

already has a Windows Store and Edge Browser

Added collection

Microsoft Windows Update

Microsoft system –

Elements of direct inheritance

The Microsoft XNA system has been redistributed

Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005-2019 (x86 x64)

Straight 9-12

K-lite mega

WinRAR x64

Add a bright game


Winaero tweaker


Open the shell menu + additional skins

UltraUX theme fixes

Additional topics

Portable equipment (on drive C)

Blue x64 screen

CPU-Z 196

Two drivers

File editor, placed +158


Nvidia Reviewer

Tests Sys

WhatInStartup x64


Wi-Fi power

Strength plan The final figure is set in advance


Cortana, telemetry


Context menu – Enable Notepad to open nfo files

Browser – Disable ads and notifications

Browser – Disable the list of recently opened applications

Browser – Disable user monitoring

Browser – Add an icon field of up to 4 MB

Explorer – run in another process

Modern User Interface – Software – Disable Cortana

Modern User Interface – Application – Disable Cortana Web Search on the Internet

Modern User Interface – Software – Disable OneDrive integration

Modern user interface – Reduce the speed of installing modern user interface programs

Modern interface – minimize the drag and drop distance of the screen

Start menu – turn off the latest programs

Start menu – disable program interface settings

System – Disable bandwidth restrictions

System – Enable large system cache

System – Improved viewing timedisk (5 seconds)

System – Improved shutdown speed

System – Improved Windows shell response

System – Minimize desktop startup delays

Taskbar – Add transparency

Taskbar – Remove the measure now

Memory / Memory file – 4000 MB – 8000 MB

Disk updates – automatically

Recommended Deleted / Disabled

3D Builder

3D printing

3D viewer

Modern interface – Bing Money

Modern onions – food and drink

Modern onions – health and fitness

Modern onions – Bing news

Modern interface – Bing Games

Modern interface – Bing Transport

Modern onions – the weather


System (Ad SDK)

Frame (People)

System (telephone history)

my people

OOBE (cortana)


Office center


3D painting



Phone conversations

3D printing

Sales exhibition



Solitaire collection

Windows Comments

Windows Phone

your phone

Zune music

Zune Video


OneDrive files required

Back up your OneDrive online

Remote support

Remote connection

Remote Desktop (quick help)


Services are disabled

Telemetry experience is disabled

Fax services

mail booty

telephone service

Printer Support Services

Publish workflow service

Windows Insider Software Service

OOBE automatically fed (reused)

Area administrator account


username = PLAYER

password = PLAYER

File information that is not used automatically

select the language at the beginning of the configuration

select the installation location on the desktop computer

waiting for installation.

The GAMER administrator account will be created automatically

After installation, the desktop should be entered automatically

Credit: for activation certificate

WindowsAddict Microsoft Activation Script

Short URL –

ISO IMAGE = compression of the used GB esd

MD5 = 6DC8481750878FFAE8440755FD8BBAC9

SHA-1 = 8A42FC5907F66114B23C6FBA7C6EBC18131F4D90

use Rufus to create a USB installationmedia from ISO image

When creating a bootable USB, be sure to choose the right partition scheme for your drive c

MBR = less than 2 TB

GPT = more than 2 TB

visit our Discord channel and comment

once you install our version of Windows and play games in it

comment center inside

win-10 gamer views

Windows 10 Gamer Edition Enterprise x64 21H1 June 2021 Team-LiL


Wilcom Embroidery Studio E2 – Windows 10 download

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Wilcom Embroidery Studio E2 - Windows 10 Wilcom Embroidery Studio E2 – Windows 10 download

Download link

Video guide:

Do it all in one) – Wilcom Embroidery Studio E2 + Install Videos + Ativao.

40.00 reais. – MAIN INFORMATION:

Roll on QUALQUR versions of Windows, including the new Windows 10.

PS: User POD selects the workflow (11:31) usually in Install, case of using MESMO.

Sulaman Wilcom Estdio E2!

————————————————– – ——————————–

Video guide:

Connect All in One) – Wilcom Embroidery Studio E2 + Installation Video + Activation.

$ 15.00. – More information:

The program runs on any version of Windows, even a newer version of Windows 10.

PS: users can choose to install Workflow (11:31) if you are using it.

Wilcom Embroidery Studio E2!

Wilcom Embroidery Studio E2 - Windows 10


Windows 10 Pro 19H2 X64 incl Office 2019 pt-BR NOV 2019 {Gen2} scaricare

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Windows 10 Pro 19H2 X64 incl Office 2019 pt-BR NOV 2019 {Gen2} Windows 10 Pro 19H2 X64 incl Office 2019 pt-BR NOV 2019 {Gen2} scaricare

Link per scaricare

* Windows 10 Pro X64 19H2 pt-BR NOV 2019

* Ordina la versione 1909

* Office 2019 ProPlus integrato

* File:

* Dimensioni: 4,88 GB

* Formato: eseguibile ISO

* CRC32: e029a6e1

* MD5: 61a26de42db11147f481c3240c56e166

* SHA-1: 684ca1c8b635619f5a4776aa54d2b1319284474a



* Struttura .NET

* Office 2019 ProPlus VL a 64 bit

* Manutenzione aggiornamento camino:

* KB4524569

* Aggiornamenti cumulativi:

* KB4524570

* Aggiornamento cumulativo del sito

* .NET Framework e:

* KB4522741

* Aggiornamento di sicurezza di Flash Player:

* KB4516115

Configurazione completata/Post-installazione:

* Aggiornamento del difensore

* LINGUA: Brasile

* Windows 10 Pro

* Office 2019 Pro Plus VL

* Attivatore: HWID KMS Online

* Capacità UEFI

* (Avvia UEFI con lo strumento USB Rufus incluso)

* Strumento di diagnostica ripristino (Microsoft DaRT)

* confezionato in formato reso ()

* Crea un USB avviabile Rufus (altamente consigliato),

* (in dotazione) scrivere su un DVD-DL a bassa velocità.

* WindowsAddict, scrittore di codici di attivazione di Windows

* Ci auguriamo che questa versione vi piaccia!

* Con rispetto

* Generazione2

* Windows 10 Pro X64, incluso Office 2019 ProPlus pt-BR, maggio 2020

* Versione 2004

* File:

* Dimensioni: 4,90 GB

* Formato: eseguibile ISO

* CRC32: 47c18ff2

* MD5: c01ed42ee2e9f08eb9461f5d49094c49

* SHA-1: 8e0f6bc78a0a95ffcf1b31c606b1a01c01882250


* Office 2019 ProPlus VL a 64 bit

* Aggiornamenti cumulativi:

* KB4556803

* .NET Framework

* LINGUA: Brasile

* Windows 10 Pro

* Office 2019 ProPlus

* Attivatore: HWID KMS Online

* Capacità UEFI

* (Avvia UEFI con lo strumento USB Rufus incluso)

* Strumento di diagnostica ripristino (Microsoft DaRT)

* confezionato in formato reso ()

* Crea un USB avviabile Rufus (altamente consigliato),

* (in dotazione) scrivere su un DVD-DL a bassa velocità.

* WindowsAddict, scrittore di codici di attivazione di Windows

* Ci auguriamo che questa versione vi piaccia!

* Con rispetto

* Generazione2

Windows 10 Pro 19H2 X64 incl Office 2019 pt-BR NOV 2019 {Gen2}


Google Classroom free download torrent

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Google Classroom Google Classroom free download torrent

Download link

A free web platform for online classes Google Classroom makes teaching a more productive and meaningful experience for teachers and students. An education and training platform streamlines assignments, increases collaboration, and promotes communication for large groups. It does this by allowing you to teach classes, distribute projects, and provide feedback within the platform. Google Classroom Can Google users integrate their Google Docs and Google Drive accounts into their system to store their files in a classroom? Google Classroom distinguishes itself from other learning management systems or information platforms for students because it combines all the G Suites tools in an intuitive interface for its users. Teachers can benefit from this software as it allows them to monitor their students and organize their results. As a teacher, you can do this in two notable departments: Students and Stream. (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); The student section helps you to get in touch with your students. You can choose to enter all of your Google email addresses manually or have students join the class with an email from Google. If you do it later, it is important that you give them the code for the class. In the What’s New section, you can post assignments, messages, and questions for your students. You will spend most of your time here when all of your students have joined the group. His most notable ability is creating tasks and projects. Each job can contain the subject of assignments, instructions, and due dates. The unique code for Google Classroom is to the left of the groups. How do I access Google Classroom? Students must write this in code so they can enter the group. By default, teachers are the only group members who can post to the group. To change this, visit the Students section so that students can comment, submit questions and submit a program, enter dates and make sure they receive all the information. Students who submit assignments late are automatically marked late. You can also attach files to assignments that you create. For example, you can attach a link that redirects to a news article. This can be a writing assignment for your students. Files can be downloaded from your hard drive, Google Drive, YouTube, and other links related to training and referrals. Students can attach their work by mail as a Google document or as a DOCX file. You can open them directly in the classroom and rate them each time your device connects to the handy teacher tool. Google Classroom is a convenient way to run lessons for teachers and students. As a teacher, you can see which students are actively participating in the classroom and provide direct feedback in real time to each student. You can also use your time more productively, as students can submit their work electronically. Together with your students, you can explore the G Suite tools and how they can be applied to your classroom.

Google Classroom


Windows 10 Pro Lite Build 1511-10586 (32-bit) Torrent

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Windows 10 Pro Lite Build 1511-10586 (32-bit) Windows 10 Pro Lite Build 1511-10586 (32-bit) Torrent

Enlace de descarga

Este es un sistema operativo Windows 10 reducido basado en la compilación 1511-10586 (actualización de noviembre TH2). Los requisitos mínimos del sistema siguen siendo los mismos que se esperaban, aunque esta versión modificada de Windows debería ejecutarse más rápido que la original debido a la cantidad de cambios que se enumeran a continuación.

Esta es la segunda versión, una versión que admite CPU de 32 bits. También está la primera versión de 64 bits en mi perfil.


Requisitos del sistema

Procesador: procesador de 1 gigahercio (GHz) más rápido con NX / PAE

SSE2 (si Windows 8 funciona, también funcionará)

RAM: 1 GB para 64 bits (solo se requieren 512 MB)

Espacio en disco duro: 20 GB

Tarjeta gráfica: DirectX 9 superior

Cambios información (aunque más importante):

– La mayoría de las aplicaciones de Metro lanzadas, excepto Edge, Store Calculator

-Mueva la mayoría de las unidades no esenciales (como gráficos, impresoras, redes)

Deben descargarse instalarse manualmente, según las especificaciones de cada equipo

– Lanzó algunos elementos de accesibilidad

-Conversación soporte para Cortana

-Eliminar eliminado (la barra de búsqueda en el Explorador de archivos todavía funciona)

– Juega Windows Media Player

-Permite que Windows Photo Viewer se use en lugar de la aplicación metro “Fotos”, incluso si la imagen se abre primero en Paint, hasta que el usuario cambie la aplicación predeterminada para Windows Photo Viewer.

-El modo de reposo está desactivado

– Archivos de página deshabilitados

– Cortafuegos eliminado (aunque en algunos casos puede aparecer durante el uso del programa este servicio no se ha eliminado porque es importante)

– Actualización de Windows aún no lanzada, pero no hay garantía de que funcione, ya que siempre lo apago (todavía necesito activarlo para instalar aplicaciones de la tienda)

– Las aplicaciones de la tienda deberían funcionar correctamente

-Los juegos de la tienda ya no funcionan (no puedo entender por qué). Es posible que los juegos que no sean para UWP (por ejemplo, CS: GO) sigan funcionando siempre que sus controladores estén actualizados

Windows 10 Pro Lite Build 1511-10586 (32-bit)