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A Canadian-based small business retailing genuine leather products like belts, wallets, keychains, office bags and more at affordable prices. We are a locally owned leather business in Downtown Halifax.  We aim to bring affordable leather in the market, that boasts longevity and style.

ALM offers you leather products with sophisticated detailing and exquisite textures in the season’s must-have colours. Apart from the physical craftsmanship that goes into every ALM piece, we infuse it with the soul of ALM. The brand carries with it an aura of sophistication, endurance and quality. The logo, inspired by the Royal Seals of old, symbolises tradition, passion for perfection and a quiet elegance reserved for a chosen few. It is a seal of approval on each and every one of its high quality hand crafted and engineered leatherware. When a client chooses a ALM piece, he chooses all that the brand stands for. 

The identity of ALM is recall-friendly, simplistic yet conveys a strong brand persona. It is both young and chic while still being quirky and very today, like the brand itself and the team behind it. 

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