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Cloanto C64 Forever Cloanto C64 Forever update torrent

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When Commodore launched the C64 in 1982, it immediately set the standard for 8-bit home computers. Its low price, great graphics, high sound quality and huge 64kB of RAM made this home computer a winner, beating competitors like Atari, Texas Instruments, Sinclair, Apple and IBM. The C64 sells more than 30 million units and introduces an entire generation to computers and programming. In recent years, the C64 has experienced a spectacular recovery, which once again proved to be a platform for retro computers.


C64 hardware emulation (lets you run C64 software on a computer)

Additional emulation of connected systems: PET 2001, CBM 3032, CBM 4032, CBM 8032, VIC 20, CBM 610, C16, Plus / 4 and C128

More than 200 pre-installed games and demo scenes

One-click game support for thousands of C64 and other 8-bit downloadable games, demos and apps

The RetroPlatform library contains titles and configuration data for more than 5000 C64 games with web updates

RP9 Manager for converting between RP9 and other popular formats (D64, T64, etc.) and exporting to devices (hardware emulators)

Preconfigured and advanced VICE emulation mechanism with automatic updates

Special features and gallery with objects of historical interest

Cloanto C64 Forever

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