ApowerREC 1.4 TommyBear Download

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ApowerREC 1.4 ApowerREC 1.4 TommyBear Download

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ApowerREC is a program that can record everything on your screen, including desktop activities, live videos, web conferencing, web chats, and more. You can capture your work in full screen or in a specially defined area with sound, the software can keep the video in sync with the sound stream, it’s really cool. In addition, you can record video from a webcam, use this software to record a video chat, or make instructional videos to record on screen.

Please note that below you will be asked to download ApowerREC completely free of charge, so be careful. The drug is already in the archives, all your luck!


Video editing

Edit in real time while recording, or apply advanced editing and add effects after recording.

Save the webcam

Save the webcam only or save the webcam with the monitor at the same time.

Save the task

Create scheduled tasks to save to your computer screen / webcam automatically, or save using a running application.

Convert video

Convert recorded videos to various formats, such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, etc.

Take screenshots

Take a screenshot with one click and it will be saved automatically.

Record sound

To adjust the volume and adjust the sound source from the sound card or microphone.

In addition to the features mentioned above, ApowerREC includes other simple but highlighted features, such as a flexible overlay toolbar, visual recording settings, high print quality, and more.

Smooth screen recording experience on all devices

In addition to being a powerful Windows / Mac screen recorder. ApowerREC also offers screen capture for your mobile devices, it captures screen functions from your iOS or Android devices. If you’re using an iOS user, mirror your phone’s screen to your computer and record your iOS screen with high-quality video. For Android users, you can save your Android screen with or without a computer.

Business use

Make a demo video of your app or record a web conference for backup and review later. Voice memos and a webcam are also supported for recording.

Teaching training

Save the web lecture for e-learning and add notes to better illustrate. This video recording software can make your presentation more vivid.


You can create great study materials and presentations. This can be accomplished by recording streaming lectures, webinars, and other similar events.


Capture your best gaming moments seamlessly with HD quality, take screenshots of certain segments and share this great gaming experience with others.

General use

Other common uses for this computer’s screen recorder include recording the moment of a wonderful video chat, recording a short video clip for troubleshooting, and for customer support, and more.

Share with the world

Share wonderful moments by saving photos or videos to your friends, family, or even subscribers around the world, no matter where you live.

Host your sessions on the ShowMore website for backup, and you can manage and control the new FTP connection if you wish, and use the videos uploaded to YouTube to efficiently upload and upload FTP server files for immediate sharing with subscribers. You no longer need to upload screenshots and link to free up cloud spaceshare with your friends.


ApowerREC 1.4

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